GRANDER Water in Your Home

The whole family, the home and the garden will enjoy GRANDER water:

  • for Drinking water
  • Whole House Water Systems
  • for the Pool and the Shower
  • for Cooking & Storing Food
  • for Cleaning with less chemicals
  • in the Garden to encourage plant growth
  • for pets drinking & bathing water

There are many different products available to suit your individual needs including undersink water filter systems, benchtop water filter systems, whole house water systems

If you want to travel and cannot do without GRANDER revitalised water on a short trip, we recommend the Grander Penergizer, Grander Revitalising Board, Grander Flexible Unit or the Benchtop Water Filter System and Benchtop Fluoride Filter Water System that is easy to store and simple to attach.


Environmentally Friendly

  • only require energy from nature (solar energy)
  • no electricity
  • no chemical additives
  • service and maintenance-free

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