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The latest in European innovation, Grander Technology
provides an energy efficient eco water system
that is safe for the whole family.

Grander Technology is a global premium brand engineered to last.

All the GOOD FOOD you eat
CANNOT make up for
all the BAD WATER you drink
Water is the single most important substance; if you do not have water you do not have life. 

It is the driving force behind all the various environments and ecosystems that make up our world, in fact it regulates all weather systems.

Life depends on water for virtually every process, its ability to dissolve many other substances being its most essential quality*.

Water must have the ability to clean, absorb, and transport any other substance.  This ability is affected by pollution and environmental influences.

It is Johann Granders passion to restore water so that every person has access to good quality drinking water that is why he developed Grander Water Technology.

While there is still no conventional scientific explanation of how the Grander Water Technology process works, many studies have shown profound consequences through the use of Grander Water Technology.

  Sometimes we can not explain why we know something is right, we just instinctually know.


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