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GRANDER® benefits both humans and the environment

Revitalised water helps us protect our most valuable resource – nature.  Lowering the required amounts of cleaning agents, GRANDER® protects nature.  Also sewage water is gentler to the environment when it has been revitalised.  And last but not least, resources are saved as heating and cooling require less energy.

Long-lasting devices thanks to natural energy

What is more, GRANDER® Inline Units solely run on natural energy – without electricity or chemicals.  The devices, which are installed right into the main water line in an astonishingly simple process, can be used for a very long time.  Once installed, a GRANDER® Inline Unit works reliably and without ever requiring servicing or maintenance work.

Sustainable advantages of GRANDER®
  • protects nature by reducing the required amount of cleaning agents
  • saves natural resources by reducing the amount of energy used for heating and cooling
  • runs on natural energy (without electricity or chemicals)
  • works reliably without maintenance and service checks
  • can be used for a very long time

You truly care about the environment and conserving resources?

GRANDER® benefits both people and the environment: revitalised water helps us protect our most valuable resource – nature.  For one thing, the environment is protected as smaller amounts of detergents and agents produce the same cleaning effects and less energy is required to heat or cool rooms.  For another, GRANDER® Inline Units run exclusively on natural energy – without electricity or any chemicals – and never require servicing or maintenance work.
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