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Vitality, enjoyment, well-being, environmental protection: GRANDER® stands for a conscious lifestyle in harmony with nature and the human body.

More and more people who want to live a sustainable lifestyle together with their families turn to GRANDER® water revitalisation to further raise the quality of their daily lives.  Once they have experienced the remarkable effects of tap water revitalised through GRANDER®, they no longer want to do without it: GRANDER® water is not only healthful, it also boasts a superb taste – a taste the whole family will enjoy.
GRANDER Revitalising Boards (A008, A009)


You wish your family would drink more tap water?
GRANDER® water is anything but bland: due to its fine taste, people want to drink more of it.  This is also true for children, who opt for GRANDER® water instead of excessively sweetened soft drinks.  This way, tap water is turned into a refreshing beverage.
GRANDER Flexible Unit (S010F)


You long for water that doesn't itch your skin and softly caresses your skin?
GRANDER® brings the luxury of a spa treatment to your home: GRANDER® water revitalisation introduces a whole new level of softness to tap water, making bathing and showering so much more relaxing while being gentle to skin and hair.
GRANDER Home System Large (S025)


You want sustainable savings that benefit both nature and your wallet?
GRANDER® pays off – revitalised water makes for savings in surprisingly many fields: it helps utilise raw materials more effectively, reducing the required amounts of cleaning agents, shampoo, or shower gels, it reduces lime deposits and rust formation, protecting heating and air-conditioning systems, it lowers heating and cooling costs, and it is effective against silt deposits in radiators and pipes.  GRANDER® will let your home and garden flourish: helps plants thrive and also increases their lifespan.
GRANDER Revitalising Rod (medium)


You want tank / dam water
you can use?

GRANDER® creates water you can use for drinking, cooking and for your gardens reducing problematic bacterial issues experienced in water tanks and algaes in dams.  This way water becomes a valuable asset that can be used wherever you need it inside and outside your home.
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