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The Use of GRANDER® Revitalisation
A Benefit for Humans, Animals and Plants
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"When we drink GRANDER® Water, it's as if we are drinking fresh water from the mountain spring."
- Kroell family from the Ziller Valley, Tyrol, Austria

Water has valuable biological properties wherever it can be found in its original form and can follow its natural course.  Water is a bubbling source of vitality and vital force.  Yet it loses its energy and power when forced through tubes and pumped into pipes over long distances.

The areas of application for GRANDER® Water Revitalisation range from private households all the way to commercial and industrial uses.  The installation is carried out directly at the main water pipe.  Alternatively, there are units for single installations, apartments and for mobile use.

The revitalising effect of GRANDER® Water Revitalisation Units also persists under difficult circumstances.  Sporadic use, longer periods of downtime or wide-ranging pipe systems do not impair the GRANDER® Units' functionality - it stays constant for several years and does not decrease through intensive use.  The effect has been confirmed by users all over the world for more than 20 years and the revitalisation effect is in no way decreased with more intensive use.

The GRANDER® Water Revitalisation returns it to its original structure - with all the various positive effects on humans and on all living things:

Revitalisation of drinking and industrial process water
  • adds to the pleasure of drinking through its subtle taste
  • is smooth and easy to drink
  • keeps for a long time
  • promotes a sense of well-being while bathing and showering
  • encourages the strong growth of plants and beautiful flowers
  • is preferred by many animals
  • gives food an exquisite, fresh taste
  • keeps food fresh longer
  • ensures the reduced use of detergents and cleaning agents
  • is revitalised when returned to nature

Revitalisation of hot water
  • ensures clear water in the heating system
  • causes a decline in the tendency towards sedimentation and reduces susceptibility to pathogen growth
  • helps increase the flow rate inside radiators and floor heating pipes
  • lowers and stabilises corrosiveness
  • improves heat transfer
  • protects the overall system
  • ensures well-being through a natural indoor climate

Revitalisation of swimming pools and spas
  • provides a pleasant bathing experience through noticeably soft water
  • is pleasant and soothing on the eyes and skin
  • reduces the use of chemicals
  • minimises the smell of chlorine
  • ensures the economical use of detergents
  • reduces the amount of cleaning

Revitalisation of ponds and biotopes
  • supports the natural self-cleaning process in pond water
  • restores and maintains the biological balance

Revitalisation of cooling circulation systems and process water
  • stabilises process water
  • reduces the use of chemicals
  • minimises odour emissions
  • saves on resources and is sustainable!

GRANDER® Water Revitalisation Units are manufactured with durable high-quality stainless steel, guaranteeing a long lifespan.
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