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The mysterious element
Water is a cosmic matter

"Water is a cosmic matter", states Johann Grander and refers to the exact dimension, in which the element water must be viewed in order to take further steps to understand it better.

If one perceives water in its actual context - in a water glass, as a river, lake or sea, as a solid block of ice or gaseous cloud, one can, at most, recognise a small part.

We have to observe and question its function within the entire cosmos.

How was it created?

What role did it play in the creation and preservation of life?

The more intensively we deal with the topic of water, the more puzzling and secretive it seems.

Johann Grander spent many years trying to solve the mysteries surrounding water.

Based on his observations, water is a living system, that is in constant exchange with nature and its environment, and it is also capable of storing and transferring information.

This knowledge forms the foundation of water revitalisation.
Water has its own rules
Water is different, complex and unique

At first glance water appears inconspicuous and quite calm, however upon closer observation it is very unique, puzzling and follows its own rules.

The processes within a drop of water are so complex that they exceed the average person's imagination.

Even the exterior, recognisable characteristics of water are so completely different from all other comparable elements that the science of water is called "abnormal".  More than 60 "anomalies" have been documented by the English scientist Martin Chaplin.

Viktor Gutmann, six-time master degree and two-time candidate for the Nobel Prize for Chemistry replies to the question whether water has been completely researched, "Nowadays science assumes that water is abnormal because it has its largest density at plus 4 degrees and not as science has dictated at 0 degrees.  It is not water that is abnormal, but rather our formulas are inadequate to describe the phenomenon of water."

Based on the observations of Johann Grander the mere chemical formula H2O is inadequate to describe water and its effects even in the slightest.
Not all waters are equal
Water possesses a changeable inner structure

The structure of water changes constantly, because the sun, moon and the entire cosmos communicate with and through the element of water.  But also, vibrations caused artificially, for example through power lines, satellites or radio installations, have an effect on water.

The complex inner structure of water is vitally responsible for its properties and therefore a decisive quality attribute for the quality of water.

Dipl. Ing. Johannes Larch, Head of GRANDER® Research & Development: "Two chemically identical waters can have different physical and biological properties.  This means that a water can behave differently in a living organism in comparison to another, although both prove to have exactly the same contents.  In the official evaluation of drinking water there is little importance placed on the water structure.  This lies in the fact that we cannot yet measure it."
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