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Huge praise from an international perspective

Johann Grander has been presented with awards and honoured for his service and life work.

As the first and only Austrian, Johann Grander was awarded the Silver Honorary Award by the Russian Academy of Natural Science, whose members include 200 Nobel Prize winners.  Numerous well-known and respected scientific institutes have intensively studied the GRANDER® Water Revitalisation for several years and have come to the conclusion:

By means of the GRANDER® Water Revitalisation it is possible to strengthen the energy and information properties of the water and thereby make the water biologically more valuable.  Johann Grander's discovery demands further development from science and ecology through the new knowledge about the structure of water and is of great importance for science.

» Film: Award of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences -1

» Film: Award of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences -2

» Film: Award of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences -3

In Austria, Johann Grander was recognised for his life work - the discovery of the Water Revitalisation process - with the "Honorary Cross for Science and Art" of the Republic Austria.
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