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How everything started
Changes in water were determined

Nowadays, the description "water revitalisation" is a much quoted, generally used term.  Johann Grander, himself, was the one who gave the name water revitalisation to his process, after being able to determine constant changes in the behaviour of micro-organisms under the microscope as soon as he treated water using his method.
The Discovery of Water
With nature as a teacher

Johann Grander researched further and recognised that the energy, even in water, could be transformed.  But there was more: water developed special properties.  Grander began to observe water more closely and brought it again and again in contact with the magnet generators.

In his experiments Johann Grander could always rely on these things:
  • on the ability to observe nature exactly,
  • on his intuition, and
  • on the instinct of his house cat
His cat only wanted to drink the water that had been treated by Johann Grander - an unmistakable indication of the quality of the revitalised water.

Grander realised that something special had been created out of the combination of the water and his generators.  It became clear to him that the properties that he conveyed to water had also been transferred to the other water without direct contact.

Thus, he discovered the basic principle of GRANDER® water revitalisation: the information transfer.
Under the Microscope
Water is Alive

For Hans Grander, the most important instrument to study the element water and its behaviour is the microscope.  Hundreds of water samples from all parts of the world (the Nile, Po, Ganges and many other rivers and sources) can be found in his "make-shift lab" and have been studied by him under the microscope in order to determine how different waters of the earth actually behave.

If burdened, contaminated water was treated with his process, it began to regenerate itself.  It regained its vitality.  The useful micro-organisms were able to unfold and become active.
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