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Johann Grander's Findings
Johann Grander was far ahead of his time

Some people are way ahead of their time.  They recognise ground breaking connections, but they will only be understood after many years.

Johann Grander is one of those visionary people.  His statements about nature, about life and especially about the water, are more than 30 years old.  And it shows today that Grander's findings are more relevant than ever.

Two skills distinguish Johann Grander as an inventor and natural scientist: his deep insights into complicated natural processes and the knowledge of how to use them by purposefully combining natural materials with technical aids.
At the beginning was water
Water is the regulating force of nature

Millions of years ago the earth was completely covered with water.  Everything was in motion and could flow freely.  A state of perfect energetic order.  Where water flows freely and can find its way, that is where water is the regulating force of nature still today.

Energy and information are carried to living things by means of water.  The element of water takes on information and passes it on where it is needed.

From where does water get this energy?

Mainly it gets its energy from rocks and minerals, that have an energetic connection to the planets.  This supports the explanation why water, on the one hand, tastes differently from various sources, but on the other hand also has a different effect on the recipient.

Wild animals, that rely on their instincts, often travel hundreds of kilometres in order to reach a certain source to drink water.  They get the lacking element to regain order in their being.  They take water from the earth, grow, thrive and pass on this vibration of the original element to those, that eat this plant.  In turn, it is the animals that trust their instincts and know which grasses they must eat in order to regain their balance by means of these vibrations.

Plants take on the water of the earth

Samuel Hahnemann, the father of homeopathic, realised this principle for the first time as a homeopathic remedy in regaining one's health.  It is the energy of the flowers that received their energy from water, without which they could never have blossomed.

Nature is extremely generous to us - we ought to gratefully accept these gifts.
Drug Residues in Water
From the many findings and statements made by Johann Grander, his warning of the danger of drug residues in our drinking water is particularly interesting, since this topic is currently being discussed in the media.

As an intense nature observer and naturalist, Johann Grander pointed out in the early 90's that the remains of our medicines "land" in our drinking water.  It may be perhaps that only a single drug is detected and measured in the water, however the sum of more and more expectant drugs can neither be measured, nor detected and filtered.

Since the first studies were published by the media, which demonstrated that the synthetic hormone pill, Estradiol, passes unhindered through natural elimination into the sewage treatment plants and further into rivers and lakes, anglers and fishermen are concerned that the anti-baby pill affects the natural reproduction of the fish.

How do drugs end up in our drinking water?

Not only birth control pills, but also large volumes and a wide range of drugs can be found in every household. 70 - 80% of an ingested drug is excreted naturally and passes through the toilet into the wastewater and sewage treatment plants back into lakes and rivers.  Mixed with ground water it is reused as drinking water.  Although sewage treatment plants comply with all the legal requirements and parameters, they cannot eliminate drugs completely and certainly not in the sheer amounts and colourful mixture.

Therefore, geo-ecologists and scientists warn of a "drug cocktail" in our drinking water, the effect of which is difficult to predict.

On behalf of the Federal Environmental Agency, researchers have found 20 pharmaceutical substances in drinking water, including pain relievers, blood lipid lowering agents, x-ray contrast agents, anti-rheumatic agents, anti-epileptic drugs and antibiotics*).

Looking back 12 years and more

It is shocking that today's drinking water values reflect the burdens of many years ago: until the residues from rivers make their way through the sediment into the groundwater and get through wells to the surface again, it can take up to 12 years; the effects are long-lasting.

Although drinking water (at least in Central Europe) is considered the best controlled food, the water is not systematically checked for drug residues.  Since there are no corresponding limit values, the public statements about the impact and long-term consequences are vague.

However, the effects of drug residues are varied, particularly with regard to immune-compromised people such as pregnant women, infants, young children and elderly people.  The ecosystem in the world has to suffer from these strains, and therefore the people, animals and plants too.

The circle closes

And here we come full circle back to Johann Grander, who also warned 30 years ago that the balance in nature has been disturbed.  The consequences are devastating for people and the environment.  The recent weather disasters are just one example; extreme heat waves and catastrophic floods as well.  Yes, of course there have always been such disasters, but with such an increase in occurrence and with being so violent in their nature?  Temperatures over the long term, which averages being considered, are consistent and continuous, however the outliers develop into hazards.

Weather conditions, extinction of fish, the stranding of whales as well as the mass deaths of birds are proof of the imbalance of nature.

Johann Grander has always greatly appreciated and respected nature.  He used to say, "We do not know what is going on in nature, otherwise we wouldn't interfere so severely with it and its natural processes."
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