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Diploma Thesis at the University of Graz

Positive results about the effect of GRANDER found by the empirical study by the University of Graz. At the department for innovation and environmental management at the Karl Franzensuniversitaet in Graz, university professor DI Dr. Stefan Vorbach assigned a diploma thesis under the subject "Revitalised Water System Using the Example of GRANDER® Technology - an Empirical Ascertainment among Industrial Users" to the student Katrin Zunkovic.

32 industrial businesses from Austria, Germany and Switzerland were examined.  With the help of a comprehensive questionnaire, she analysed the effects of the revitalised water system.  The kind of use (cooling systems, production, ...), economic gain, measurable effects, and the central issue: Can the GRANDER® revitalised water system contribute in an industrial area to a lasting water economy and/or to pollution control or not?"

The diploma student presented the results of her examination:

  • 48% of the questioned businesses have evaluated the GRANDER® water revitalisation effect as "very good" and 47% as "good"
  • 90% of the questioned persons evaluated the satisfaction factor as "very good" or "good"
  • 71% had actively measured an economic advantage.
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