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In-House Research Projects

Research reports and documentation of the recent past

Research is an integral component of product development at GRANDER®. The increased scrutiny and interest by customers and other groups in society have advanced professionalization in this field.

Since the 1980s, GRANDER® has cooperated and engaged in proactive information exchange with industrial, trade, and private customers in the following branches and fields of application:

  • Trade & industry
  • Heating and water systems
  • Swimming pools
  • Bakeries & breweries
  • Food & beverage manufacturers
  • Agriculture & horticulture
  • Animals & husbandry
  • Private homes

Research reports and documentation since 1979

GRANDER® water revitalization has been a part of customers’ daily routines and projects for 40 years. Cooperating with the respective technical or production managers, project protocols and research reports have been drafted, documenting measured differences and findings throughout the entire project duration. In this section, we will continuously present and discuss research reports and photo documentation from projects in various industries realized in the past.

It is important to us to stress that we clearly distinguish between empirical reports detailing user experiences and real scientific research. Experience reports are used in research to serve as material from which research questions and hypotheses can be deduced, which are subsequently subjected to testing using scientific methods in the course of a project. This applies to research carried out by GRANDER® itself as well as to commissioned projects carried out by research institutes.

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